August 30, 2023

8 Benefits of a Small School Environment

As a small charter school, Paradigm Schools fosters a unique learning environment that nurtures individual students’ minds and bodies. Instead of pushing your child into a large crowd of unknowns and having them fend for themselves, you can place your child in a community of learners and teachers who get to know one another and have an interest in each other’s well-being and personal growth. Learn more about the benefits of a small school environment.

1. Personalized Learning

Students who are part of a small school will get more personalized attention than if they attend a large school. Class sizes are smaller, giving every student more of an opportunity to actively participate in discussions and other classroom activities. Teachers can quickly address most questions, and they can spend more time directly interacting with the students. At Paradigm Schools, we keep class sizes around 20 students for an intimate class setting that nurtures the students’ minds in a more personalized way.

2. Strong Sense of Community

A small school environment is really a close-knit community of students and teachers. We get to know each other’s names, personalities, and interests because we work together closely in small class settings. When students are part of a supportive and inclusive school, they can get rid of some of their inhibitions and reach out to their peers and teachers for assistance when needed. Group projects are more enjoyable because students know one another. The social atmosphere is more welcoming than in a larger school because there really aren’t any strangers. As a community, we grow together, learn together, and develop lasting friendships that make our time together even sweeter.

3. Enhanced Student Engagement

Small schools and intimate class sizes allow for better student engagement. Instead of hiding out in the back row of a large classroom, students become an integral part of each classroom activity. We provide our students with active learning opportunities, such as experiments, science labs, art projects, music lessons, dance classes, and much more. Certainly, students will experience lectures in which it is their job to sit quietly and listen, but the lecture classes are intermixed with other types of classes that involve a high amount of student engagement.

Besides regular class periods, Paradigm scholars may also participate in extracurricular activities to enhance their learning experience. Some of our extracurricular activities include:

  • Volleyball
  • Cross Country
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Scholar-led groups, which might be Chess Club or Journalist Club

We encourage students to get involved and make the most of their education at Paradigm Schools.

4. Holistic Development

Holistic development means taking care of the whole child. We focus on giving our scholars a well-rounded education, so they can have knowledge and skills in many different areas, not only the area they are most interested in. Our multidisciplinary approach to education helps us achieve this. For example, we integrate the arts, sports, and other non-academic activities into our educational program. Not only will this approach keep students interested, it also supports their growth on several levels. They learn how to respond emotionally to subjects they may never have encountered before, such as orchestra music. They can develop new social skills as they interact with other students on a personal level. Even their physical growth is nurtured through participation in sports or dance.

5. Opportunities for Leadership

Small schools give students more opportunities to take on leadership roles. As previously mentioned, our extracurricular activities include scholar-led groups. These groups vary based on student interest. If a student is interested in starting a political group or some other type of group, we help make it happen. Developing leadership skills at an early age¬†gives students confidence and the experience they need to make more of their education in the future. It’s a great way to grow skills that may be necessary in a future career.

6. Flexibility in Teaching Approaches

Because small schools have small class sizes, teachers can tailor their teaching methods to the classroom needs. When there is less of a focus on keeping everyone quiet and well-disciplined, there can be greater flexibility in how a class is conducted. Multi-disciplinary approaches are encouraged at Paradigm Schools because we understand that students have different learning styles. Some may benefit most from discussing a topic in class, while others may benefit more from hands-on experimentation or writing about the topic.

7. Stronger Teacher-Parent Relationships

Parents are the main educators of their children. At Paradigm Schools, we work alongside parents, giving children unique and valuable learning opportunities. Because we recognize the importance of parents in the educational process, we make a large effort to communicate with parents frequently concerning our classes and how their children are doing in school. The relationship between teachers and parents is an open relationship, fostering a collaboration that directly and positively impacts student progress and behavior.

8. Enhanced Safety and Security

In a time of school shootings and frequent bullying, Paradigm Schools and other small schools have the ability to create a safe environment that eliminates some of the fear and stress that inhibits learning. Small campuses are more closely monitored. Since the students and teachers form a close-knit community, it’s easier to spot when something isn’t quite right and needs to be addressed. Discipline can happen on a personalized basis, which is more effective than disciplinary actions in a larger school. Furthermore, students generally feel more comfortable telling a teacher or other adult about a problem they are having, making it easier for teachers to address the issue. Read more about school safety at small schools.

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If you are interested in a personalized education for your child at a small school campus in South Jordan, Utah, please contact us. Paradigm Schools is committed to supporting parents through excellent educational opportunities that help develop better thinking and leadership skills. We are proud to be a safe school environment with a strong mentorship program that gives your child more opportunities to grow mentally, socially, and physically. Student engagement is high in our focused, small-sized classes. Learn more about applying to Paradigm Schools.