School Uniform

Classic Polo Shirts (any solid color)

(Description for boys and girls) Classic Polo Shirts may have one pocket or no pocket. Classic Polo Shirts do not have additional embellishments, such as ruffles, bows, extra pleats, etc. Classic Polo Shirts may be long or short sleeve. Polo shirts do not need to be worn tucked-in at school, and only the top button may be left undone.


Standard Classic Oxford Shirt (any solid color)

(Description for boys and girls) Buttons must go up from the bottom of the shirt to the collar and must have a collar. Classic Oxfords have one pocket or no pockets. Classic Oxfords do not have additional embellishments, such as ruffles, bows, extra pleats, etc. Only the top button may be left undone when worn at school. Classic Oxford shirts have top-stitching along the buttons on the front of the shirt. No other button shirts or blouses will be acceptable.

Necktie: (if worn) in any color, pattern, or design, must be worn around the neck under the collar.

Boys: Classic Oxford shirts, long- sleeve or short-sleeve, must be tucked in when worn at school (necktie optional).

Girls: Classic Oxford shirts/blouses (tucked-in optional and necktie optional) long sleeve, short sleeve or 3/4-length sleeve.


Undershirts (solid white)

Optional. Long or short sleeve. Sleeves may come out under the Polo or Oxford shirt for a layered-look.


Pants (khaki & navy blue)

School Uniform style pants. No more that 1%-2% spandex. No cargo pants. No tight fitting pants around the knees to the ankles.


Shorts / Skirts & Capris (khaki & navy blue)

Boys: Shorts
Girls: Capris & skirts (skirt length: mid-calf)



Any shoe and style so long as they are ALL black or ALL brown. Laces, soles, or tips, may be white. NO logos larger than a quarter size if of a different color than the shoe. Shoes must be closed toe and closed heel. Shoes must be worn at all times while at school.


Socks (any pattern, color or design)

Nothing inappropriate or offensive.


Belts (black or brown)

Solid color black or brown belt. Suspenders must also be solid color black or brown.


Sweaters & Hoodies

Only Paradigm issued sweaters and Paradigm issued hoodies may be worn in the building. The school will provide official Paradigm school sweaters and hoodies, and make additional school sweaters and school jackets available to purchase. Sweaters and hoodies may be purchased through the school (optional). Hoods are not to be worn over the head in the building. Non-Paradigm pullover hoodies are not allowed to be worn in the building.


Coats and Jackets

Only Paradigm issued jackets and suit blazers may be worn in the school building. No other coats or jackets may be worn in the building. If brought to school, non-Paradigm coats or jackets must be in a backpack or hung up in the office, a mentor’s closet or in an Admin office. (Not carried in hand or on person).

Both males and females may wear suit Blazers. Blazers are to be in classic cut and styles, not longer than waist length, in solid colors only, with two pockets or no pockets. Blazers are to be worn over polos and oxfords.


Headwear & Accessories

Headwear: Any solid color headband (for girls). No bandanas. No hats in the building. No scarves in the building.

Piercings: One pair of earrings for girls, no earrings for boys. No body or facial piercings showing at school.

No tattoos showing at school.


Hair & Grooming

  • Natural hair colors and patterns (hair color that a human being is born with).
  • Styles: No extreme hairstyles (dictionary definition: furthest from the center or a given point; outermost.). Hair out of the face and eyes. Boy’s hair length not past the bottom of the collar.
  • Well-groomed and clean. Use deodorant if necessary and facial hair neatly trimmed.


  • I love Paradigm. My children have never been happier, and have found a love of learning that was missing in their previous education!

    Julia H.

    I went to Paradigm all through high school. Best experience ever. Not only did it help me focus on my strengths, but it also prepared me for college with its challenging curriculum that makes you think outside the box. The mentors there care about each of their students individually, and want nothing more than the students’ success.

    Jennifer L.

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