Purposes of Charter Schools

The purposes of Utah’s charter schools as a whole consist of the following:

  1. Continue to improve student learning.
  2. Encourage use of different and innovative teaching methods.
  3. Create opportunities for educators to design and implement programs.
  4. Increase choice of learning opportunities for students.
  5. Establish new school models and forms of accountability.
  6. Provide opportunities for great parental involvement and management.
  7. Expand public school choice.


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  • I love Paradigm. My children have never been happier, and have found a love of learning that was missing in their previous education!

    Julia H.

    I went to Paradigm all through high school. Best experience ever. Not only did it help me focus on my strengths, but it also prepared me for college with its challenging curriculum that makes you think outside the box. The mentors there care about each of their students individually, and want nothing more than the students’ success.

    Jennifer L.

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