Homeschool Credits

Paradigm Schools was founded by homeschool families, for homeschool families. We remain homeschool friendly and accept homeschool credits. We believe in education over “schooling”.

If you are interested in receiving school credit for homeschool work, contact us and we’ll set up a meeting with our homeschool counselor.
It is important to note that homeschool portfolios receive a pass/fail grade. If you would like a letter grade, a mentor evaluation must be done and there is a $50.00 fee.

Our Homeschool History

In 2006, a group of 25 homeschool families founded Paradigm on the principles of freedom and classical educational philosophies. Paradigm was founded because they were dissatisfied with their schooling options. 15 years later, we are still educating our scholars in a unique learning environment!

Our Transferring Process

When transferring to full-time or part-time, the first step of our process is to meet with our homeschool counselor. This is where we will determine where your scholar is academically and go over any additional requirements.

For those looking to have more of a full-time schedule with us, we also do placement tests for math and reading to determine which classes are best suited for your scholars. We believe in individualized learning for all our scholars. After all, everyone learns differently. You can be rest assured that your scholar will be in classes where they can get the most out of their education.

We’re Flexible

At Paradigm, we believe that parents and families are the primary educators and that we as formal educators are to act as resources. Families have the freedom to make decisions about their scholars’ education, and that’s why we offer flexibility.
We’ll do our best to accommodate your family’s specific needs. You’re homeschooled scholar can come to Paradigm for a diploma or simply because they are wanting a traditional school experience. Whatever the reason may be, we’re here to support it!
As long as scholars are enrolled into two periods, they can participate in:

To learn more about homeschooling credits and to get started, please schedule an appointment by emailing Ms Fisher.


  • I love Paradigm. My children have never been happier, and have found a love of learning that was missing in their previous education!

    Julia H.

    I went to Paradigm all through high school. Best experience ever. Not only did it help me focus on my strengths, but it also prepared me for college with its challenging curriculum that makes you think outside the box. The mentors there care about each of their students individually, and want nothing more than the students’ success.

    Jennifer L.

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