At Paradigm, we have made it our goal to grow and thrive with its distinctive mission for over 15 years, despite Utah being one of the lowest education-funded states in the nation. However, reduced funding creates has created many challenges for our school, such as:

  • Upgrading Our Facilities
  • Offering Competitive Pay for Staff
  • Staff Incentives
  • Teacher Retention
  • Program Improvements

As a Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Paradigm has the opportunity to expand and diversify its revenue sources through fundraising primarily through 1) increasing scholar enrollment, 2) grant writing and grant acquisitions, and 3) charitable donations.

How To Donate

You can donate below by choosing an amount (or another amount) for a one-time donation or signing up for a monthly donation. The amounts listed below are examples of what your money will go toward! You can also leave us a message if there is something specific you want your money to go to.

Donation Levels

Paradigm Wish List

Are you looking to donate something specific to our school? Please check out our Wish List below! This list will be updated periodically, so please keep checking back! If you would like to donate a specific item that is listed below, please contact Allison Tran at

Item Needed:Name of Program Requesting Item:
New or Gently Used InstrumentsBand
Replacement StringsOrchestra
New Violin or Viola BowOrchestra
New or Gently Used InstrumentsBand and Orchestra
Tech Program SubscriptionsTech Crew
External FlasdrivesPhotography
Face MicsTech Crew
Condensor MicsTech Crew/Podcast
GavelMock Trial
Volunteer Hours from an Attorney CoachMock Trial
Food Gift CardsVarious Performing Art Rehearsals
Gym EquipmentPE/Athletics

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread The Word

“Word of mouth” marketing and advertising continue to be the most effective means reported by which families learn about and enroll in Paradigm. Your endorsement to your friends and family attracts the families best suited for the Paradigm experience and for whom Paradigm is also a great fit. Please continue to spread the word about our powerful little school. Talk to others, share school postings from the school’s social media accounts, and invite others to attend school events, scholar shadowing, and school tours and information nights.

The surest way to increase school funding is through increasing enrollment and the surest way to increase enrollment is through YOU.

Join Our Fundraising Committee

Be a part of our new Parent Fundraising Committee (PFC)! The committee is guided by the School Business Manager and organized into sub-committees, listed below. To sign-up don’t hesitate to get in touch with the school’s Main Office by phone or email. Committee responsibilities and expectations will be explained upon sign-up.

Thank You For Your Continued Support!

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  • I love Paradigm. My children have never been happier, and have found a love of learning that was missing in their previous education!

    Julia H.

    I went to Paradigm all through high school. Best experience ever. Not only did it help me focus on my strengths, but it also prepared me for college with its challenging curriculum that makes you think outside the box. The mentors there care about each of their students individually, and want nothing more than the students’ success.

    Jennifer L.

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