January 11, 2023

Our Culture at Paradigm Schools

Simply put, school culture affects everyone. School culture is the mission and vision that make up the environment of a school. It can include things like the way scholars and educators interact with each other, the level of respect within the community, and the overall way the school is as a whole. At Paradigm Schools, we believe in building a strong culture for our scholars.

Who we are is a huge part of the difference in education at Paradigm schools.

About Our Culture

Learning is a choice that cannot be forced. To attain it, it must first be desired. The culture at Paradigm provides an invitation to make that choice. We want our school to be a positive, safe, and caring place. We not only encourage a culture of growth for our scholars, but expect everyone in the school – including scholars, parents, staff, and faculty – to exemplify the school’s values and core beliefs.

Paradigm Schools has two overarching school-wide expectations which are:

  1. Engage yourself in learning
  2. Honor and respect yourself, mentors, peers, time, and property

What makes our culture unique is that we focus on individualized learning and try to create an equal playing field for all scholars. Fundamentally, we are all human beings and we try to create a place where scholars can feel safe, included, and challenged.

Mentors And Scholars

At Paradigm, we refer to our educators as mentors because we want to help guide our scholars to their own solution, rather than have them memorize it and forget it later. Our mentors recognize that each scholar learns at their own pace, and with smaller classroom sizes, they can help our scholars with their individualized learning. Every summer we have our mentors read two core books, “A Thomas Jefferson Education” and “The Anatomy of Peace”. These two books follow Paradigm’s philosophy and culture and serve as a reminder of what mentors are here to do.

We also refer to our students as scholars. Scholar implies that they have a choice in their education. Rather than following and memorizing information, our scholars are committed to learning and seek out their own education.

Family Importance

We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children and that as a school, we are a resource to families. Families have the freedom to make decisions about their children’s education and that’s why we offer flexibility for our scholars and their families. If it can work, we’ll make it happen. We are here to serve families and believe that families come first, that’s why we aren’t homework heavy. We believe that scholars should spend their time outside of school with their families or enjoying extracurricular activities.

Every member of the Paradigm community commits to see the “nobility in every person” and to contribute to the building of a safe and nurturing culture. Our culture cultivates an environment of growth; the growth of free-souls.

Ready To Enroll?

Here at Paradigm Schools, we want every student to feel included. Because we believe that every scholar has a different way of learning, we prioritize skill level and not grades. We will put your scholar where they can be challenged. If you believe that your scholar could benefit from a Paradigm education, apply now for the chance to be eligible for enrollment. You can also call 801-676-1018 to get information about transferring.