January 7, 2022

Ways Our Scholars Give Back to The Community

At Paradigm, we’ve always taken pride in the culture we’ve established within our school. A part of our culture is giving back to the community in a variety of different ways. One of our goals here is to help our scholars understand their role in their community after they graduate and we feel the best way to do that is to encourage scholars to give back in ways they find most impactful.

What are Some of the Ways Scholars Give Back?

Individual Service Projects

One way our scholars give back to the community is through individual service projects. We typically dedicate the month of November to service projects. During their homeroom period, scholars have 45 minutes each day to prepare a project that will greatly impact their community. We’ve had students hand make toy cars for children and Primary Children’s Hospital, help good charities like Ronald McDonalds House, and even make activity kits for underprivileged kids.

paradigm kids creating racecars for sick kids

While our mentors do encourage our scholars and help them throughout their projects, the scholars are the ones who come up with the ideas and execute them. Part of what makes Paradigm different is our scholar-led learning and we apply the same principles when doing community projects.

Fundraiser Events

Another way our scholars give back to the community is through events. Throughout the years, Paradigm has hosted many different events, all for good causes. Some of these events have included:

  • Comedy For A Cause (Comedy Show)
  • Winter Formal Dances (Proceeds go to Penny Wars)
  • Carnivals
  • Telethons

These are just a few examples of the events we’ve done over the years here at Paradigm. These events are a great way to teach our scholars that giving back is fun. We always look forward to seeing our scholars, families, and community getting together for a good cause.

Penny Wars

By far, our most popular fundraising event is Penny Wars. Our scholars love participating in our Penny Wars fundraiser. The premise of Penny Wars is that scholars bring spare change to the school for a set period of time. This year, our Penny Wars fundraiser will be for the American Cancer Society and will go from March 3rd through March 31st.

During this time, our scholars will compete within our school. Each homeroom will attempt to collect the most change and whoever wins will receive a class party. Our scholars love participating in the fundraiser and to help incentivize scholars further our cabinet and staff will sometimes participate in fun punishments!

After March 31st, we will do an assembly and announce the total amount raised and who the winners are. Last year, we raised $5,000 and our goal this year is to raise more!

Why We Give Back to the Community

We pride ourselves in the culture we’ve created here at Paradigm. Our environment is positive, safe, and overall a caring place for our scholars. We encourage a culture of growth. and it is one of the biggest reasons why we love doing community service and projects. It gives our scholars a chance to take the principles they’ve learned here and take them outside the school.

Giving back is a part of our philosophy. Throughout the school year, we encourage our scholars to do community work because it helps them get out there and make a difference. Doing something small is doing something big. We want these types of actions to have long-lasting impacts, and that’s a part of the Paradigm difference.

paradigm kids raking leaves

Want to Participate?

Are you wanting to participate in our 2021 Penny Wars Fundraiser? Well, you can! We’re accepting donations on Venmo @paradigmschool. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

Don’t forget! Our lottery draw will be held on February 1st, so if you believe your student could benefit from a Paradigm education then be sure to send in your application. For any questions, you can reach us at 801-676-1018.