XR Technology

We are so excited to announce that beginning this Fall 2019, Paradigm Schools will become the 1st public school in the state of Utah to begin the implementation process of "XR" technology in our school (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality). The process will begin small and grow over the next few years.

Headset devices will be used onsite to enhance learning opportunities for our scholars. We will be able to visit virtual places around the world, or out of this world, back in time, or even into a version of the future. We will be able to explore inside of a human cell, the surface of planets in our solar system, or sit in the Roman Colosseum for a discussion on ancient Rome.

Much is being considered in regards to safeguarding our classical culture and small class sizes, and not losing the human connection as well as any health or medical concerns from VR and AR devices and screen time.  We believe that the future may very well embrace this and other technological advancements and we are fortunate to be the FIRST in our state to explore this cutting edge technology in the classroom setting.