teacher and student 

success (tssa) framework

Pursuant to UCA  53G-7-1304 and the Teacher and Student Success Act, Paradigm Schools adopts the following framework within which school administration may develop a Teacher and Student Success Plan (“Plan”). Upon approval from the Board, the Plan will become the school’s’ Teacher and Student Success Plan. 

The school plan’s goal shall be to improve school performance or student academic achievement and may contain any number of the following strategies:

  1. personnel stipends for taking on additional responsibility outside of a typical work assignment;
  2. professional learning;
  3. additional school employees, including counselors, social workers, mental health workers, tutors, media specialists, information technology specialists, or other specialists;
  4. technology;
  5. before- or after-school programs;
  6. summer school programs;
  7. community support programs or partnerships;
  8. early childhood education;
  9. class size reduction strategies;
  10. augmentation of existing programs; or
  11. any other strategy reasonably designed to improve school performance or student academic achievement.

Funding received pursuant to the school plan may not be used:

  1. to supplant funding for existing education programs;
  2. for board or school-wide administration costs; 
  3. for capital expenditures.

The TSSA Plan will be found in the School Policy Handbook beginning in the 2019-2020 school year.