scholar clubs

Paradigm Schools allows scholars the opportunity to form clubs within defined parameters. Scholars who wish to form a club must first find a mentor who will sponsor the club. The mentor must obtain approval from the front office before formally organizing the club. Clubs may be formed and approved only during the first two weeks of the school year. Clubs meet after school.

Clubs will be approved based on how the club fulfills the mission of the school.  All activities sponsored by the club must be in keeping with the School Values. 

All school clubs may only be formed on the basis of a school-oriented activity: for example, chess club, a sports club, or a journalist club.  No clubs are formed on the basis of personal or social issues such as political affiliation, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation. (Please see the School Policy Handbook for additional information)

Scholars may apply to create a club during the first two weeks of the school year. Club applications can be obtained and returned to the main office.

scholar clubs 2019-20 

Club Name
Club Leader
Mentor Sponsor
Meeting Day
Meeting Time
Golden Gate ClubDarby DaltonMs. EdgeThursday3:00-4:00 pmRoom 106
Japanese ClubHazel LakeMr. MuellerTuesday3:00-4:00 pmRoom 213
Mock Trial Club (beginning Oct 15)Gideon BarfussMr. DebonoWednesday3:00-3:45 pmRoom 208
Paradigm Apparel TeamShade AndrusMs. ChipmanWednesday3:00-3:30 pmRoom 207
Save the Earth ClubMalee StirlandMrs. CavallaroWednesday3:00-3:30 pmRoom 111
Scholar Support ClubEmma Christy/Mila Christy/Dallin DavisMr. BarfussThursday3:00-4:00 pmRoom 201
Slam Poetry ClubNyah RichardsMr. BarfussThursday3:00-4:00 pmRoom 201
The Word ClubMegan Collins/Heather ShawhanMs. RogersTuesday3:00-3:45 pmRoom 105