Paradigm Schools

Policy Handbook


Paradigm High School


Paradigm Preparatory School

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Mission and Vision Statement

Paradigm Pledge

Our "Why"

Philosophy and Vision

Fundamental Principles

Foundational Pillars

Paradigm Schools Values

Educational Philosophy

Service Leadership Education

The Trivium

Mentoring for Truth

Paradigm Growth Model


Paradigm Schools Teacher and Student Success Act (TSSA) Plan

Academic Program Structure and Policies


Quality Work Policy

Mastery Projects

Assessment Rubric

Parent Notification


Transfer Scholars

Prohibiting Discrimination in the Public Schools

Military Access - Providing "Directory" Information to Military Recruiters

Language Services

Early Admittance

Choosing Curriculum


State Graduation Requirements

Paradigm Graduation Requirements

Senior Thesis

Early Graduation

Graduation Ceremony and Participation

Seminar Classes

Off-Campus Study

Released Time

Other Avenues of Credit

Grade Changes

Retained Seniors

Academic Progress


SEP Scholar Education Plans

Special Education

Health and Human Sexuality Education

Scholar Life and Scholar Accountability

School Expectations

An Effective Learning Culture


Accountability Process

Peace Center

Paradigm Afterschool Class

Suspensions and Expulsions

Behavior Codes

Dress Code

Uniform Policy

Scholar Dress Code Accountability

Dress Code Checks

Dress Code Infractions

Attendance Policy and Expectations

Excused Absences

Pre-Approved Scheduled Absences

Make-Up Work for Absences

Extreme Circumstances

Homebound/Hospital Services Policy

Unexcused Absences

Excessive Unexcused Absences/Truancy Citation

Notification of Attendance

Attendance Codes

Checking In and Out


Excused Tardies

Unexcused Tardies

A Safe and Clean Location

Disrespect and Bullying

Gang Prevention and Intervention

Inappropriate Language

Prohibited Substances

Food and Drink

Pets and Animals at School

Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals

Weapons and Firearms

Public Displays of Affection

Search and Seizure

Personal Electronic Devices


Classroom Distractions

Computer Acceptable Use Policy

A Positive Social Environment

Scholar Government

Positive Language

Bullying and Disrespect


Personal Agenda

Religion and Spirituality at Paradigm

Extra Curricular Activities



Sports/Athletic Programs

School Wide Field Trips


Block Schedule

Daily School Schedule (Prep School & High School)

Arrival and Dismissal

School Closures


Parent Involvement

Parent Concerns

Parent Volunteers

Background Checks


Scholar Guest "Shadows"


Health Services

Medication Administration

Lost Items


Scholar Parking

Scholar Drop Off

School Parking Lot/Traffic Flow

Fees Policy

Emergency Response and Drills

Reunification After an Evacuation

School Map

Policy-Making and Disclaimer

All school policies are approved by the Paradigm Governing Board. School administration implements and administers school policies. Exceptions to school policies may be permissible at the discretion of the School Director. A waiver of any term or condition of this handbook on a particular occasion shall not be construed as an ongoing waiver of that term or condition.

“Education is the kindling of a flame,

not the filling of a vessel.”