Learning assumes a choice.  It cannot be forced.  It must first be desired in order to be attained.  The culture that is maintained at Paradigm provides an invitation to make that choice.  Thus, making the school environment an effective, positive, and value-based learning culture is a high priority.  Everyone in the school, including scholars, parents, staff and faculty is expected to exemplify the school’s values. Each scholar and parent signs a code of conduct contract with the school at registration to uphold these values.

Paradigm Schools has two overarching school-wide expectations which are:

1) Engage yourself in learning 

2) Honor and Respect  yourself, mentors, peers, time and property. 

Every member of the Paradigm community commits to see the “nobility in every person” and to contribute to the building of a safe and nurturing culture. Our culture cultivates an environment of growth; the growth of free-souls.