May 1, 2023

The Benefits of a Paradigm Education

Are you ready for your child to experience a paradigm shift in their education? Paradigm Schools is a charter school in Utah that teaches outside the expectations of a student’s standard education. The main goal is to provide a learning environment for our scholars to grow and thrive in the future. We teach scholars how to think for themselves and offer an effective learning approach catered to their individual needs. Learn more about what our school has to offer and how your child can benefit from a Paradigm education. 

What Makes Paradigm Different from Other Schools?

Paradigm schools was started in a warehouse of only 200 students in 2006 by a group of families who homeschool their children. The school was established on principles of freedom and classical educational philosophies. Here is what you can expect from us when you enroll your scholar in our school:

  • Paradigm works closely with parent involvement and believes that parents are the primary educators for their children. We commit to being the best resource to our scholars’ families that we can possibly be.
  • Our curriculum is guided by the classics and original sources; for that reason, we do not utilize textbooks at our school.
  • Classes are kept small for a personalized learning experience and we teach specifically according to each individual scholar’s needs.
  • Scholars are encouraged to start clubs and choose projects that work for their learning style.
  • Paradigm provides scholars with the tools and resources to harness their own knowledge and talents.
  • Our school expects high standards and a strong code of conduct among scholars, parents, and staff.
  • Learning comes alive through our hand-on applications and engaging scholar discussions.

We believe in challenging our scholars towards success and providing them with a classical, liberal arts, leadership education. Learn more about why our charter school might be the right fit for your family.

The Benefits of a Paradigm Education (3)

Higher Level Learning & College Preparation

We are all about preparing scholars for higher-level education and college readiness. If scholars choose to pursue a degree in the arts, then we invite university coaches and local professionals to work with them towards their field of choice. As we teach our scholars to think for themselves and become independent thinkers, this can further prepare them for college classes.

Preparatory school courses are offered to our 7th and 8th graders. They can expect to gain a solid foundation in math, science, and the arts. For those who are enrolled in grades 9-12, scholars can prepare for college and future careers.

Once our scholars start the 11th grade, we will require them to take ACT prep classes to better prepare for college. Our testing strategies, practice tests, and mentorship guidance can encourage scholars to feel confident in their college preparation. 

Stronger Emphasis on Fine Arts

We want our scholars to grow and develop well-rounded skills that allow them to advance in their skills and talents. Our fine arts and liberal arts programs sets our school apart with our signature multidisciplinary approach. 

With our emphasis on the fine arts, we believe we can offer your child a wide range of learning opportunities and experience in building their confidence and future. Our Fine Arts programs include:

  • Art Classes: Our art courses change year by year. Not only will your child have the opportunity to learn all about drawing, painting, and ceramics, but they will be able to discover other fields of study in graphic design, 3D art, calligraphy, and more!
  • Dance: For beginners, we offer a dance technique class. As for scholars who are more advanced and want to further pursue dancing, we offer auditions for our dance company team.
  • Orchestra: Your child can develop their skills in the music world through our orchestra classes. 
  • Band: Beginning band, concert band, and jazz band are other instrumental extracurricular activities that we have to offer to our scholars.
  • Choir: Scholars have the choice to audition for A Capella or the Madrigals. If they choose to not audition they can sing in Bel Canto or Men’s Chorus.
  • Theater: We offer two theater productions every year that include a musical and Shakespeare play.

Our staff believe in providing scholars with the guidance and support they need to succeed in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations. 

The Benefits of a Paradigm Education (3)

Lead Through Scholar Clubs

Paradigm Schools encourages scholars to become leaders. We believe that effective learning comes from scholars who are self-led, so we encourage them to create their own clubs that get them more interested in learning.

Scholar clubs can change each year depending on scholar interests. It is a great way to meet other students and develop skills and talents. With the help of mentors, all our clubs are approved based on the mission of Paradigm and its school values. 

Enroll Your Child In Paradigm Schools

Even though we have more freedom on how we teach our curriculum, charter schools are still expected to meet the strict guidelines and requirements approved by the Utah State Charter School Board. Our charter school is also required to be accredited by an accrediting body like Cognia.

Do you believe that your scholar could benefit from a Paradigm Education? The first step is to apply to our lottery for a chance to be eligible for enrollment. Contact us today for more information on our unique education and charter school