July 8, 2022

Our Charter School’s End of Year Events

The end of the year at Paradigm Schools is one of the most exciting times for both our scholars and our mentors. While we are sad to see our scholars go, we make sure that they leave on a fun note. Check out the end-of-the-year events we held this year!

Our End of Year Events

At Paradigm, we are big on traditions. Our end-of-year events are a culmination of the school year and it’s a way for us to celebrate all of our scholars’ hard work and achievements. We feel as if the end of the year is the perfect time for our scholars to reflect on the year and their time with us and our declaration.

Lantern Ceremony

At the beginning of May, we do an event called the Lantern Ceremony. Similar to senior sunset, this is an event where our seniors pass on the torch to our incoming freshman scholars. We hold this event on our school field, also known as The Great Depression. Senior scholars will be given the opportunity to speak about their experiences at Paradigm. They then write a piece of advice on paper, roll it up, put it in a vial, and pass it along to one of the freshmen. Afterward, we have a bonfire for the scholars to enjoy.

Feast and Ball

Here at Paradigm, we’re big into formal events and etiquette, and our Feast and Ball event is the perfect way to incorporate the two. This event is our version of prom and we hold it at Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point. High school scholars get to go with their dates or friends and celebrate the end of the year with fantastic food, music, and tons of dancing!

Paradigm Schools Awards Night

This year was our first year hosting an awards night for our scholars. We wanted to recognize those who went above and beyond this school year. In total, we gave out around 40 different awards to our outstanding scholars. Some of these awards include:

  • Department Awards
  • Exclusive Prep School Awards
  • Athletic Awards
  • Senior Awards
  • Special Recognition Awards

This was a special night for Paradigm as we acknowledged our incredible scholars. Scholars that were nominated for awards were given the opportunity to bring two guests. The night was filled with hors d’oeuvres, celebration, and awards. We then recognized scholars who won at our end-of-year talent show with a slide show. We felt as if this event was a great success and a great way to celebrate another successful year.


After a two-year hiatus, we were finally able to hold our graduation ceremony at Kingsbury Hall. Due to the pandemic, we’ve had to hold our ceremony in an outdoor setting. While it was still a great event, we are excited to be back.

In order to graduate at Paradigm, we require scholars to write a 10-page thesis paper. These papers are then evaluated by mentors and some years, we may have one or two, other years we may not have any, but when selected, these senior thesis papers will be inducted into the Paradigm Fellowship Gallery and will be published and included in our school library for future scholars to access and learn from.

When choosing our valedictorian and salutation, we use a formula that includes their overall GPA, ACT scores, mastery projects, college courses, and regular courses. Furthermore, the scholar is an example of a true patriot and represents Paradigm with pride.

How Are Our Events Are Unique

Everything we do here at Paradigm is unique. We’ll take traditional events and put our own spin on them. Because of how Paradigm represents itself, we attract students who want the chance to own their education. We are proud of our scholars—we have a lot of talent here! They certainly deserve recognition and be rewarded for their efforts. These end-of-year events are a way for our scholars to celebrate their achievements.

We are sad to see our students go, we are so proud of them for all their accomplishments. It is our hope that the values and principles stay with our scholars and that they remember that learning never ends.

If you feel that your student could benefit from Paradigm education, contact us! We’d be happy to go over any questions you may have.