March 7, 2022

How Can Families Get Involved?

Here at Paradigm, we’ve always valued family involvement. In 2006, we were founded by a group of homeschool families who wanted a school that included principles of freedom, classical education, and family involvement. Because of this, we believe that families are the primary educator and we are resources to them.

What Are Some Ways Families Can Get Involved?

It is our view that families have the primary responsibility and privilege to educate their children. For this to happen, we encourage strong guardian involvement. This involvement is vital to the success of your scholar’s education.

Because of our strong beliefs of involvement, every family at Paradigm is expected to volunteer at least 4 hours per month or 30 hours per year. These volunteer hours can include help from other family members and don’t have to be from just the parents or guardians. Be sure to check out our volunteer opportunities for the upcoming year to see which opportunities are available to you.

Examples of How Families Have Volunteered in the Past

Not only do we love having our families involved with the school, but the scholars love it as well. In the past, parents have volunteered in a variety of different ways, such as:

  • Fundraising Efforts
  • Selling Costumes
  • Creating Stage Sets
  • Chaperoning
  • Helping With Student Stores
  • And more.

These are just some of the ways families can get involved at the school. In other schools, we see parents and families volunteer more when their students are younger. As they get older, families are involved less. For us, we don’t want involvement to die out because of the benefits that come with it.
If you’re worried about not being able to volunteer during school hours, don’t worry. There are also a lot of ways you can help volunteer from home. For example, every time you read the same book as your scholar, that can be counted towards your hours. This helps engage your scholars to have discussions with you about the text and we have found that families really appreciate this.

If you have any questions or ideas on how you can volunteer, please reach out. We’d be happy to hear them.

Why Families Should Get Involved

We strongly believe that a family’s involvement helps lead to your scholar’s success in their education. Family involvement is crucial. Studies have shown that regardless of family income or background, scholars whose families are involved in their schooling are more likely to:

  • Have higher grades
  • Do better on exams
  • Attend school regularly
  • Have better social skills
  • Show improved behavior
  • Adapt well to school

While all these are great benefits of family involvement, At Paradigm, we encourage families to be involved because they are the primary educator. It is normal for parents to take a backseat when it comes to their children’s education and that’s where concerns about your child’s education start.

For us, it’s the opposite. Because you’re involved you’ll be able to have a voice when it comes to your scholar’s education and that’s a part of the Paradigm difference. Because we aren’t a part of a big district, you won’t be kept in the dark about what your scholar is learning. We are transparent and have an open-door policy. If you’d like, you can sit in any class you’d like and see first-hand what they’re learning.

two girls laughing together at school

Ready to Get Started?

For families wanting to get started, the first step is to check out our volunteer page and see what opportunities work best for you. If you have any questions about other ways you can volunteer, call us at 801-676-1018 and we’d be happy to help.