June 17, 2021

Our Podcast: The Paradigm Project

It all started with one of our ambitious scholars here at Paradigm who wanted to show our community that our scholars can not only participate in a discussion but respect and understand the conflict that may surround it. This scholar wanted to create something that would last for generations, and with the help of one of our mentors, created The Paradigm Project.

The Paradigm Project is a podcast that represents our charter school. It is a scholar-run podcast that gives our scholars a voice and presents that they can participate in deeper discussions. Often, teenagers feel disregarded when it comes to society’s harder conversations, but our podcast gives them the platform to have their valid opinions and ideas heard!

The Paradigm Project

The goal of our podcast is to share great conversations and ideas you wouldn’t expect from teenagers. A lot of thought goes into what we discuss in each episode. We’ll often choose a topic that affects our scholars and the leaders of our time. Some of the topics we discuss are about:

  • Philosophers and Scientists
  • Social Issues
  • The Constitution
  • Ideas and Original Texts

When we choose a topic, we look for the value we want to create and oftentimes these topics will follow Paradigm’s declaration. This podcast was made by scholars for the scholars. If your scholar has a topic that they want to discuss on our podcast, shoot us an email at podcast@paradigmhigh.org and we’ll certainly consider it!

podcast microphone and notes

Platforms and Schedule

A great deal goes into each podcast we create. After we choose a topic, we start our research, figure out scheduling, and begin reaching out to potential guest speakers. We release a new episode on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month, and you can listen in on the following platforms:

Guest Speakers

As a result of these conversations, we always want to encourage guest speakers to come onto The Paradigm Project and speak about what they’re passionate about. For example, we recently welcomed state representative, Mike Winder to come and discuss his ideas on the mental health crisis, housing, and education.

We are always looking for guest speakers. If you happen to know someone who would love to be a guest speaker on The Paradigm Project, send us an email.

The Paradigm Difference

As mentioned, the goal of this podcast is to show that our scholars can hold meaningful discussions. Before the scholar who created The Paradigm Project came to Paradigm, he attended a public school that wasn’t concerned with teaching the skill of conversation. This led him to create The Paradigm Project to show parents and students what Paradigm is all about.

paradigm student studying

Here at Paradigm, we teach our scholars how to think, not what to think and this podcast shows just that. We aim to create a true academic environment that is scholar-led, allowing scholars to learn in the ways that work best for them. If you believe that your scholar could benefit from a Paradigm education, get in touch and learn more about enrolling or transferring with us.